MMCX series are intended for use in applications where the smallest dimensions have to be achieved. MMCX connectors can be used in applications from DC to 6 GHz and aim to meet the expanding needs of surface mount coaxial interconnection system as well as the conventional connector styles for flexible and semi-rigid cables.

Electrical Characteristics:

  • Frequency Range: 0-6 GHz

  • Working Voltage: 170 VRMS max.

  • Withstanding Voltage: 500 VRMS min. on RG-178 

                                    750 VRMS min. on RG-316

  • VSWR: Straight 1.3 max. 

             Right Angle 1.5 max.

  • Contact Resistance: Center Contact: 5 Milli ohms max. 

                                Outer Contact: 2.5 Milli ohms max.

  • Insulator Resistance: 1000 Meg ohms min.

Mechanical Features:

  • Mating Force: 3.4 lbs max.

  • Dis-mating Force: 1.4-3.4 lbs

  • Contact Retention: 2.3 lbs min.可

  • Temperature Range: -65 to 155 degree C

  • Vibration: 3 cycles, 3 opposite directions, 10-150Hz 

                 10-60Hz: 0.75mm/0.3 in., 60-150Hz 10G's

  • Temperature Shock: MIL-STD-202 Method 107

  • Humidity: MIL-STD-202 Method 103 Test Condition B

  • Mechanical Shock: MIL-STD-202 Method 213, Test Condition B